Visual Sensor Options

The CM100 is a low-cost, dual sensor, gyro-stabilized camera payload that gives high-quality imagery and video.
The CM100 is a field-proven, reliable and high performance gimbal that has been used for a range of missions.


It has been engineered to provide UAV users with a technology-driven gimbal that offers HD imagery, day and night vision, and real-time video.



30X Optical Zoom | LWIR | IP63 | ITAR Free | 800g | Ø100mm

Nano point

Optical daylight sensor

Quark 25mm
LWIR sensor

Dual sensor Gimbal

The new CM123 is a miniature, multi sensor, gyro-stabilized gimbal, designed for commercial and ISR applications. The gimbal combines exceptional stabilization capabilities with a compact and lightweight design.


30X Optical Zoom | LWIR | IP66 | ITAR Free | 1000g | Ø120mm

Optical daylight sensor

Quark 25mm
LWIR sensor

Dual sensor Gimbal

The CM160 is a low SWaP-C, multi-sensor, gyro-stabilized camera payload that has experienced over six years of sales and development to provide customers with a field proven system. Rated IP66, the CM160 is our most flexible gimbal, suitable for integration into a range of platforms.



30X Optical Zoom | LWIR | IP66 | ITAR Free | 1495g | Ø160mm

1k Laser Range-Finder

Optical daylight sensor

FLIR Tau 50mm
LWIR sensor

Nano point

Multi-sensor Gimbal

The advanced CM202 combines cutting-edge software in a compact, rugged and cost-effective system. The gyro-stabilised, multi-sensor camera ISR payload is engineered to offer you complete customisation to give you the best system suited to the needs of your mission. The low SWaP gimbal is suitable for integration on a UAV, manned aircraft, fixed land system or mobile land vehicle.


This modular design enables UAV Vision to customize a solution for those who require specific functionality from a stabilized ISR system.


30X Optical Zoom | LWIR | IP66 | ITAR Free | 3500g | Ø190mm

1k Laser

10k Laser

Optical daylight sensor

LWIR Sensor with Optical Zoom Lens

Multi-sensor Gimbal


GEO-Lock basic and GEO-Lock premium provides real time GPS data, which is used to determine the GPS location of a target. With GEO-Lock, your gimbal operator can designate a GPS point of interest and the gimbal will keep this area in the centre of the frame until a further command is given.


GEO-Lock is essential for missions that require reliable GPS positioning information of a target or area. We recommend GEO-Lock for the following applications:

- Inspection activities

- Crime prevention

- Event monitoring and surveillance

- Marine, mountain and urban search and rescue

- Emergency response

- Counter UAS

- Border protection

- Battlefield applications

- Environmental monitoring

Sensor Accessories



Search & Rescue Radar

SnoScanR® Avalanche Victim Detection sensor is a snow-radar system developed to be easy to use by first responders in search and rescue of avalanche victims and can locate victims buried in up to 6 meters of snow!

With the use of SnoScanR® first responders can now conduct a search in unstable areas with high probability for new avalanches without the risk of more personnel being buried.


Data-Link solutions

Long range digital data link


Frequency:   2.402 - 2.478 GHz

Extremely light weight:   150g

High Data Rates:   <20 Mbps!

Diversity Antenna setup

Adjustable Output Power:  up to 1W

RSSI input

Long Range:   up to 50km

Operating Modes:  Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint

Low Power Consumption: 3.3V / RF Voltage = 5V  MB=7-30V DC

Ethernet Ports (LAN/WAN): 2

Extended Temp:   -40C to +85C

Encryption:   128-bit AES/ optional 256bit



SV- LR 2450

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