High detail 3D Mapping

3D mapping using our cost efficient methods ensure on the spot area mapping for generating Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Digital Surface Models (DSM), area couture lines, editable point-clouds, volume calculation and more.




*Example shows 3D point cloud and DTM generated for construction purposes.


Pipeline Inspection

Pipeline inspection include the use of

high technological robotics carrying a vast amount of sensor options from EO/IR camera, Laser (for measurements), Ultrasonics and more.

We can enter almost every pipe ID ranging from 4IN and up.




*Example video from dam tie-in and commissioning of new power station turbine

Structural Inspection

Our pilots and Inspectors are ISO certified for inspection and reporting including but not limited to visual NDT which give us not only the possibility but most important the knowledge needed to carry out industrial inspection in accordance to global and industrial standards and regulations. 





Our personnel also holds all necessary papers and certificates for On/offshore work.

Sub-sea inspection and condition monitoring

Quayside inspection include visual data and sonar data acquisition with the use of a underwater robot known as an ROV.





*Example shows inspection of area damaged on quay after a small collision by ship.

Near shore bathymetry mapping

Near shore mapping include but are not limited to the use of sonar based sensors for depth measurements and side-scan to produce detailed bathymetric 3D imaging of seabed up to 50meters water depth.





*Example shows riverbed mapping for construction purposes.

Buried object location and identification

With the use of our developed Radar solutions we can even look through ground to locate, GEO tag and identify objects buried as deep as 150meters below ground-level.

Our radar solutions are used by contractors in construction, road works, tunnel works, ground inspection towards archeology and much more...


*Example shows pipe identification, GEO tagging and 3D underground mapping for client in construction.

Inspection of concrete and re-bar.

Concrete inspection include the inspection of re-bars and the amount of concrete used to cover the re-bars.





*Example shows a small section rendered in 3D to show how varying this re-bar placement was done for our client in connection with warranty purposes.


Location of bedrock

Location of bedrock for construction purposes.
We are able to locate bedrock and more in up to 150 meters below ground.



*Example shows location and GEO tagging of bedrock and volume calculation in a swamp like area.
3D model then generated for projecting purposes.

Other work

We are proud of our strong and healthy working relationship with national and international law-enforcement and rescue personnel for delivering equipment and training and contributing in over a dozen law-enforcement exercises.


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