The SnoScanR® Avalanche Victim Detection System is engineered to be equipped on airborne platforms and we have managed to get the total weight under 1kg! which again makes it perfect for mounting on a vast amount of existing RPAS models (drones).


Optional it comes as a traditional ground based solution.

This has to be manually operated by ground crew and dragged behind a human or a vehicle.

Software will work the same way on both aerial and ground solution.




What is SnoScanR® ?


SnoScanR®  is a snow-radar system developed to be easy to use by first responders in search and rescue of avalanche victims and can locate victims buried in up to 6 meters of snow!

With the use of SnoScanR® first responders can now conduct a search in unstable areas with high probability for new avalanches without the risk of more personnel being buried.


It consist of a ground penetrating radar solution, a tough-tablet and a software to operate it from.

The software is designed to do the work for you and to be user friendly.

It can easily be operated without any special training other then the one we give you when you purchase a system.




How does it work?


First responders put coordinates of the avalanche directly in to the tablet containing SnoScanR® software.

The software will then calculate a search-grid and flight parameters, when ready it is deployed and will conduct a search in the predefined area, locate and pinpoint the victims location with GPS coordinates and depth of which the victim is buried directly in to the SnoScanR® software on the tablet.

This way the first responder can concentrate on retrieving the victim.



The system is designed with  autonomous capability,

this means that it can conduct the search on its own only to give

feedback to rescue personnel if and when a possible victim is located.

In this way rescue personnel can concentrate on ground search side by side with the aerial based search solution.



Avalanche Victim Detection System

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