SV-R 200 


The CHIMERA is created as a product to make UAV operation in demanding conditions a safe solution compared to other commercial available UAS platforms or manned flight.

We have carefully picked components  from the top shelf to meet this requirement, and engineered a vast amount of parts to fit this purpose.





-The SV-R 200 offers incredible endurance of up to 4,5 hours thanks to our custom tuned Twin Cylinder EFI Fuel Injection engine.

-Fuel Endurance: Up to 4,5 Hours
-Custom tuned exhaust system.

-Ball bearing-supported crankshaft.

-One-piece chromed cylinders.

-Magneto-driven CDI ignition system.


Note: Endurance may be more or less depending on payload, flight conditions etc.

Main Rotor Diameter: 2050mm

Length: 2100mm

Height: 1020mm

Max ALT:   12000ft

Operating temp:  -30c - +40c

Max Payload: 10kg

MTOW 40kg



-Anti static and anti-icing protective coating.

-aerospace grade G10 and Caron Fiber structure.

-Splash proof and heated canopy for operations in harsh weather.

-3 or 6 Amp. on-board generator system

-Triple redundant Autopilot system

-fcc approved Navigation and landing lights

-ADS-B Transceiver, transmitting on Both 1090mhz & 978mhz 

(FCC and CAP 1391 Basic ECD approved)


We set out with the goal of creating a safer, tougher, more versatile, long endurance, long range, high lifting, high altitude yet affordable platform for UAV operators, especially those who operate in demanding weather conditions.


What we have achieved is just that!




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